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Stephen Hubbard who possesses over twenty years of steel fabrication steel experience founded Reeedbird Steel in 2011 he felt “it was time to serve the communities on my own, while striving to provide my customers with good quality, great service, and a lifelong relationship with them.

His dedication and commitment to excellence provided him opportunities to work his way through the ranks of every level of the industry.  This experience included oversight of detailing, estimating, project manager, and production manager in his past roles. In his last position before beginning his own company, he served as the Field Operations Manager for one of the top fabrication firms on the East Coast. Reedbird Steel derives its name from Reedbird Avenue in tribute to the street he grew up on in Southwest Baltimore.

MBE/DBE Certifications

  • Maryland/MDOT (MBE/DBE/SBE)
  • Delaware/DelDOT (DBE)
  • Pennsylvania/PAUCP (DBE) – PennDOT (DBE)
  • Virginia/SWAM (DBE)
  • Baltimore City/MWBOO- (MBE)